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Coaching, Discipline & Documentation

Coaching, Discipline & Documentation

Coaching, Discipline & Documentation is a leadership training course designed to develop and demonstrate effective strategies for coaching and disciplining employees; and documenting those issues, in order to better manage employee performance. Specifically, strategies for using FOSA (Facts, Objectives, Solution and Actions) to better administer coaching, discipline and documentation are explored.

Course Code: HRCDD
Participant Level: Leader-level
Pre-requisite Requirement: None
Time Allotment: 2 hours

Following this course, participants will be better able to:

  • Employ the use the FOSA method with confidence.
  • Understand HR documentation policies and procedures.
  • Recognize and respond to coaching opportunities among staff.

For information regarding this course, or to schedule a session for your work group, contact HR Manager Connie Kemp at extension 3-5703.