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Request for Job Evaluation or Re-evaluation

New and/or significantly revised positions or jobs must be evaluated by the Human Resources Department in order to assign them to their appropriate grades. Requests for jobs to be evaluated will be made in writing by the appropriate dean or division head to the director of the Human Resources Department.

Requests may be triggered by the creation of a proposed new job title or by a substantial and permanent change in duties or requirements of an individual position or in the majority of individual positions within a job title. For a change in duties or requirements to merit re-evaluation, it should meet these criteria:

  • It is a permanent change in duties -- not a special project or short-term assignment;
  • The addition, deletion, or change affects a duty that constitutes a significant portion of the job (at least 15%);
  • The duty which is added, deleted, or changed is substantially different in level and type from the balance of the job duties so that it seems reasonable that the change in that one duty would affect the evaluation of the job on one or more job evaluation factors; or
  • The levels of education or experience required for the job noticeably change. These requirements should reflect standards for satisfactory job performance, not an incumbent's qualifications.

The steps for submitting and processing a request for evaluation or re-evaluation are as follows:

  • The college or division business administrator completes a Position Request Form (ePRF) in PeopleSoft for new positions. With the request for a new position classification a completed Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) must be submitted with the form. If a re-evaluation of an existing position is requested, a copy of the current job description should be attached with the proposed changes indicated.
  • Compensation staff in the Human Resources Department will review the request to determine whether additional information is needed to achieve a clear understanding of the job. If necessary, a desk audit will be conducted.
  • After all necessary information has been gathered, Compensation staff will review the change in duties and requirements to determine whether the revised position should be classified under an existing job title or evaluated as a different title.
  • If the position is not reclassified under an existing title, Compensation staff will evaluate the job using the job evaluation plan and preliminarily assign the job to a pay grade based on the job evaluation results.
  • The preliminary job evaluation and pay grade assignment will be discussed with the college or division business administrator, and manager of the job as appropriate, to arrive at a final determination.
  • Compensation staff will work with the college or division business administrator to develop a new or revised job description. When both parties agree the description will be finalized.
  • The finalized new or revised description will be provided to the college or division business administrator and made available to the campus on the Human Resources web site. Administrators are responsible for making copies of descriptions for appropriate supervisory/managerial personnel.

Normal Review Cycle

Due to the fact that positions tend to change very gradually in ways that often go unnoticed by those directly involved, and because managers and college and division administrators may not always be aware that a position re-evaluation is needed, the Human Resources Department will routinely inquire about changes in position responsibilities. In order to maintain a manageable work load, Compensation staff will occasionally review new positions, plus those positions for which re-evaluation is requested. Job titles and career paths will also be reviewed and benchmarked in order to stay current with market trends.