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Payroll Operations

  • Deceased Pay - My garnishment payment has not reached the custodial parent. Who do I contact? You may reach out to Alex Oliveros at 713-743-1059 or via email at for assistance.
  • ORP, 403(b) and 457's - When will the ORP, 403(b) and 457 contributions be applied to my account? Allow 5-7 business days after pay day for contributions to be reflected.
  • TRS - When is TRS processed? TRS contributions are processed once a month for the previous month’s pay dates. Allow 30 days for TRS contributions to be reflected as well as any withdrawals.
  • Deceased Pay - Does Payroll need to be notified of an employee's death? Yes! Notify Payroll and Benefits via email when an employee has died. Provide the decedent's name, empil ID, and date of death. There are specific laws governing paychecks issued after an employee has passed away. Timely notification and processing of required documents helps prevent delays in issuing final checks and processing of required legal documentation.
  • Direct Deposit
    • When will my paycheck be direct deposited? Direct deposit paychecks are credited to your bank’s account on payday. The University of Houston’s paydays are listed on the Payroll and TRAM Website. The actual time of deposit varies according to your bank's practices. It may be early or late in the day.
    • I closed or changed my Bank account and my direct deposit has not reached my new account.  What do I do? Please allow 24-48 hours for your bank to send back the funds. Once Payroll receives notice that the funds have been returned, it will be reissued on the next available off-cycle.
    • Payday has passed, and I haven’t received my paycheck. What do I do? Check with your departmental payroll contact to confirm that your assignment and/or time and leave was processed by The University of Houston’s payroll deadlines. If all records were completed in time, the department will contact Payroll to resolve the issue.
    • Can I choose to have my paycheck direct deposited into multiple accounts? Yes, you may elect to have your money split into multiple accounts. This is done via P.A.S.S. and is set up as an “amount” type, then you’ll specify the dollar amount to be deposited.
  • Garnishments - Who do I contact for received & released garnishment questions? You may contact Kimberly Thompson regarding these type of questions at 713-743-8682 or via email at
  • Overpayments - An employee has been overpaid. What should I do? Contact Payroll immediately and include the employee's name, Empil ID, applicable date(s), and a brief explanation of the overpayment. Action to resolve the overpayment should be taken as soon as possible. It is not necessary to wait for assignment changes, timesheets, etc. to be final approved before contacting Payroll Services. Payroll will evaluate the situation and respond with the best course of action, so you can notify the employee.
  • Stop Payments and Stale Dated Checks - How do I replace a lost or stale dated check? Contact Payroll and the following information must be provided by the employee or departmental contact in order for Payroll to research the lost paycheck:
    • Employee Name
    • Empil ID
    • Check Date
    • Reason for Request
      After Payroll has confirmed the paycheck status, a request form must be completed and signed by the employee. Completed forms must be submitted to Payroll Services. Replacement checks are generated after Payroll Services receives the signed form, and the employee is notified when the replacement check is ready for pick up.
  • Underpaid - My absence was approved but I didn’t get paid for it, what do I do? Verify the date and time that the absence was approved. Biweekly absences must be approved before 12:00 noon on Wednesdays for the preceding work week to be picked up in the absence process. If the absence is approved late after Week 2 of the biweekly pay period, it will be picked up and paid in the next on-cycle payroll. Please refer to the Payroll Calendar to determine the monthly deadline, as the schedule for monthly fluctuates month to month.
  • Fringe Benefits - What are fringe benefits? Fringe benefits refer to non-wage expenses paid by The University of Houston on behalf of their employees. It includes insurance premium sharing, employer matching Old Age and Survivor's Insurance (OASI), Unemployment Compensation Insurance (UCI), Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI), Teacher Retirement System (TRS), Optional Retirement Program (ORP) matching, and Vacation/Sick leave assessment.