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You will receive an email notification indicating that you have been enrolled in the required new hire mandatory training which you will be able to access 24 hours after notification. The online training courses listed below must be completed by all new or returning university employees (including faculty, staff, student workers, and temporary employees paid through the payroll system) within the first 30 days of employment:


Course Code and Name

Associated Law/Policy

Minimum Quiz Score for Credit

SN1401 – FY14-NewHire-EEO


Texas Labor Code, §21.010


SN1402 – FY14-NewHire-FERPA

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974


SN1403 – FY14-NewHire-FraudAwareness

Executive Order RP36 and BOR Policy 57.01


SN1404 – FY14-NewHire-CodeofEthics

Executive Order RP36 and BOR Policy 57.01


SN1405 – FY14-NewHire-SecureOurSystems

Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 202



All mandatory training is available online via AccessUH by clicking on Online Employee Training or go directly to the UHS Online Training website at

Use your PeopleSoft ID# and PeopleSoft Password to enter the site.

Don’t miss the deadline - failure to complete training within the first 30 days of employment will make you ineligible for a merit increase and could result in disciplinary action.

Your employee role may also require additional training particularly if you have financial accountability or administrative responsibility in PeopleSoft.  It is the employee responsibility to enroll themselves via PASS into mandatory role-based training.  Please consult with your supervisor regarding any additional training that you will need or security access you may require.  For more information on self-enrollment go to the Human Resources website and access Training Enrollment Instructions.