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Glossary of Payroll Terms

Pay Period ID: Each payroll eriod is identified by a Pay Period ID. The biweekly (hourly) employee IDs begin with "B" for Biweekly, followed by the pay end date of that pay period.

Example: B070312 is the pay period ID of a biweekly payroll period ending on 7/3/12.

Start & End Date: These dates represent the day the pay period begins and when it ends.

Due Back to Payroll Date: This is the date when your timesheet is due back to payroll.

Empl ID: If you are a student, your Employee ID will be the same as your Student ID. This number must always be included on your timesheet

FTE: Full Time Equivalent (FTE) is a measure of the number of hours you are expected to work in a typical week. This number is based on the assumption that a 40-hour work week is full-time (1.0 FTE). If you are expected to work 20 hours per week, you are working half a 40-hour week, or .50 FTE.

Pos No (Position Number): The position number assigned to you correlates to your hourly rate for that job and the account you are paid from. It is therefore very important that if you are working multiple jobs, you record your hours against the correct position number.