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Working in tandem with the HR Business Partners, Talent Acquisition, and other areas of Human Resources, the Compensation Unit is dedicated to provide the University of Houston employees and community with excellent service in the areas of salary pay structure administration, job evaluation, reclassifications, restructure, ePerformance, and everything compensation!



  • Job Descriptions

    All benefits eligible staff positions are covered by this compensation program and have a generic job description that includes the official UH job title, job code, a general job summary, a list of major duties and responsibilities, and minimum job requirements (i.e., minimum education, experience and other qualifications that an individual should have to fill the position).

  • Pay Structures

    The University of Houston uses pay grade structures to establish compensation limits for jobs.

    Midpoints of the pay ranges represent the university's desired competitive position to the external market and are determined by a statistical calculation based on external salary survey data for benchmark jobs in each pay grade. The minimum and maximum of each pay range represent the minimum and maximum values, respectively, to the University of all jobs assigned to that particular pay range.

    Pay Structures

  • Exempt/Non-Exempt

    The terms and provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provide the basis for exempt versus non-exempt status and overtime pay requirements. The exempt or non-exempt status of each employee, with regard to the payment of overtime, is determined by the position to which the employee has been hired, transferred or promoted. The Human Resources Department is responsible for determining the correct FLSA status when the job is classified in a pay grade. Each manager must ensure that the employee performs job duties as described in the job description to ensure compliance with overtime provisions of the FLSA.
  • Additional Compensation

    An exempt staff member may be considered for additional compensation if s/he teaches a class, performs work outside the home college or division or at another component campus, or performs significantly different work outside the home department.

    Additional Compensation

  • Reclassification

    New and/or significantly revised jobs and positions must be evaluated by the Human Resources Department in order to assign them to their appropriate grades. Requests for job evaluation will be made in writing by the appropriate dean or division head to the director of the Human Resources Department.


  • ePerformance