Health Care

Tex-Flex Flexible Spending Accounts let you pay for planned out-of-pocket health care costs tax-free.

Use your account money to pay for doctor co-pays, dental visits, prescription drugs, glasses and contact lenses. You decide up front how much to contribute to an account for health care costs for the year. You contribute from your paycheck each month before income and FICA tax.  You can pay for an eligible health care expense with your TexFlex debit card or file for reimbursement later using your TexFlex contribution.

The minimum you can contribute to a FSA Health Care is $15 per month and the maximum is $208 per month.  If you are married or filing separately both you and your spouse have a TexFlex account, the maximum household limit is $416 per month.

If you set up an account, the entire pledge amount is available up front.

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