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Optional Benefits - Aflac and Trustmark

Optional Benefits
for Plan Year FY2017

In addition to optional benefits offered within ERS, the University of Houston System has partnered with Aflac and MetLife's sponsored product, Trust Mark to sponsor several optional benefits plans for System benefits-eligible employees through payroll deduction. The cost of each product selected will be the employee's sole responsibility and will not be supplemented in any way by the University or System.

Please review the information below regarding Plan Year 2017. You must notify the provider during the UH open enrollment period of July 24 - August 6 that you wish to elect coverage, but the providers may at their discretion allow additional time after the initial communication for the purpose of discussing plan options.

The products being offered are:


Aflac is a supplemental insurance provider for the University of Houston System. These policies pay directly to policyholders, allowing them to cover out-of-pocket expenses, co-pays, prescriptions, and other items which might not be not covered under ERS. Premiums are payroll deducted on a pre-tax basis and no evidence of insurability is required.


Accident - Covers accidents both on and off the job.
Cancer - Covers cancer treatment. Most benefits have no lifetime maximum.
Hospital Advantage - Pays up to $1,000 dollars per night in hospital, for any reason.
Critical Care and Recovery - Coverage for heart attack, stroke, transplants, and many more medical events.
Aflac Plus Rider -This attaches to either the Accident or the Hospital Advantage plans and offers a $5,000 lump-sum benefit for heart attack, stroke and many other events.


• Pre-tax deductions
• Portable, can take the policies take with you when you separate or retire, with no rate increase
• No physicals or blood work, cannot be terminated for medical reasons after issue
• Pays cash directly to you to use in any way you choose
• Pays pre-determined benefits designed to leverage higher payments on severity of treatment and need.
• Guaranteed issue: Hospital Advantage, Accident, and Aflac plus Rider

Make appointments by calling:


(713) 226-9690 (TJ Cornell)


University of Houston System is pleased to offer Universal LifeEvents® a life insurance product that offers two benefits in one policy: permanent life insurance and living benefits for long-term care. Underwriting of this benefit is provided by Trustmark Insurance Company and this service is offered through MetLife Resources, service provider of your 403(b) and ORP retirement savings programs.

Benefit Highlights

Important features of Trustmark Universal LifeEvents®  with Long Term Care Insurance include:

•    Affordable premiums as low as $3.00 per week
•    Convenience of payroll deduction
•    Death benefit protection for your beneficiaries
•    Living benefits for Long-Term Care, Home Health Care, Adult Day Care, and Assisted Living Facility
•    Fully portable upon separation of service
•    Available to family members (spouse, children, grandchildren)

Get a Personalized Quote

Your MetLife Resources onsite representative, Kevin Coffey can provide a personalized illustration of this valuable benefit for you or an eligible family member.

Make appointments by calling:

(832) 251-5435 (Kevin Coffey)   

You may also go to the Trustmark website for the most current information or download their flyer.