ERS Annual Enrollment - Health Insurance July 10 - July 24, 2015

Health Insurance Updates for Plan Year FY2016

What You Need to Know:

NEW - Two Health Care Plans Available

In addition to Health Select of Texas, plan members will now be able to select KelseyCare HMO. Please carefully review plan rates, services and providers for both plans before making any changes, since you will not be able to change plans after the open enrollment period.

Health Select - Plan Year 2016

KelseyCare - Plan Year 2016

Please also be aware that for both plans, dependent eligibility verification remains the same.

Dependent Eligibility Verification

  • Employees who add dependents to health coverage will be asked to provide documentation of eligibility.
  • If the participants do not respond or send the required documents by the requested due date, all unverified dependents will lose all GBP insurance inlcuding health, dental and dependent term life.
  • Documents dated after the dependent was enrolled will not be accepted, even if the date is before the coverage begin date.