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Monthly Employees

Absence Management Job Aide

for Payroll Approvers



  • Time Approver (TA) Approves absence requests submitted by the employee
  • Payroll Approver (PA) Reviews to ensure all absences are correct and time is accurate on the final timesheets
  • Time and Admin Process Payroll process that converts reported time (the time the TA approves) to payable time (the time the PA approves)
  • Trial Verification Payroll process that runs a test payroll for PAs to review before anything is finalized
  • Final Verification Payroll process that runs to finalize employees’ time in order to reflect on the next paycheck

Time Approver (TA) Responsibility

  • Once the TA approves the Absence Request, no further action is need by the TA. (See AM Job Aide 1)

Payroll Approver (PA) Responsibility

  • Making sure that all absence requests are approved by the TA before payroll finalizes the absence management request process.
  • Leave time entered and/or corrected directly on the timesheet are reported time, which require reported time approval and payable time approval
  • Comments are required to justify any leave time corrections made by a time approver or payroll approver. 
  • The PA is also responsible for verifying all Trials and Final verification reports, fix exceptions if needed, and approve any leave time entered and/or corrected directly on the timesheet before the deadline


Absence Management Queries




Allows the TA or PA run to verify all leave approved or denied


Leave requests sent and approved by the dept


Best to research leave for an employee


Pending leave that has not been approved


When Time Goes to Trial

  • Once the time has fed over to the Trial Verification, the department will need to verify that all time approved through payable time has fed over to the trial
  • The employees will be paid for the hours that the PA sees on the trial
  • This is the perfect opportunity to make any corrections necessary to get the employee paid 
  • The PA will make the corrections to the timesheet and approve the reported time
  • When payroll runs the Time Admin Process, the PA will need to approve the payable time
  • Then payroll will run a load process to feed all corrections and late approvals to the Trial Verification again so that the PA can rerun their trial and verify all corrections are taken

If There Is A Mistake…

  • The PA can go make the correction to the timesheet and repeat steps of approval and when the next on-cycle runs, this information will feed over to the next trial verification so they can verify that the information is correct
  • The employees’ pay will be based on the information when the PA runs their Final Verification
  • Any corrections after the Final Verification will be adjusted on the next check