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Mandatory Training FAQs, Resources & Information


  • SAM 2.A.11: 
    • System-mandated training is considered a minimum job expectation of all employees. System employees who do not complete annual mandatory training by the published deadline will not have met their job expectations and will, therefore, not be eligible for merit increases. 
  • SAM 2.A.26:
    • It is the responsibility of each System employee to complete annual mandatory training. System employees who do not complete annual mandatory training by the published deadline will not have met their job expectations and will, therefore, not be eligible for merit increases. Supervisors are responsible for monitoring their employees’ training performance. 


  • New Hire: 30 days from the date of hire
    • Enrollment based on hire date and ePAR date
    • Mandatory Training: October 2, 2017 - November 17, 2017

What if my employee is on leave?

  • If an employee is on an official leave from the university, and that leave has been entered into the PeopleSoft HRMS system record, the employee will have 30 days from the date of their official return to complete mandatory training.  

  • Possible reasons for being on an officially approved leave may include, but are not limited to: FML, faculty sabbatical, or faculty short work break.

I can’t see my training from last year…

  • TAP only shows active courses. 
  • Log into PeopleSoft to view all courses.

I can’t see my training…

  • Where are you logging in?  Online courses are accessed via TAP, NOT PeopleSoft.  To access TAP:
    • Log into AccessUH and click on TAP Employee Online Training
    • Or, go directly to TAP at

I enrolled in a course and I can’t view it…

  • Are you accessing it in TAP?  Individuals enroll in PeopleSoft and access the courses in TAP
  • When did you enroll?  There is an overnight feed from PeopleSoft to TAP.  Once an individual enrolls in PeopleSoft, the training will be accessible the next day in TAP.
  • If the individual still does not see the training, contact Ashley Waggoner ( with the Employee Name, Empl ID and Course number.

Where can I find a list of all the online courses?

How do I see if my department has completed the training?



FY17 New Hire Training


FY18 New Hire Training


FY18 New Hire and Role Based


Mandatory Training (Core Courses)


Mandatory Training and Role Based     


FY18 Finance Training (Finance Audit)


Child Protection Training FY17 & FY18 (HH1705, HH1805)


Child Protection Training FY18 (HH1805)


Any Course









How do I enroll in training? Enrolling and Unenrolling

  • Enroll:
    • Individuals have already been enrolled in the FY16 trainings based on lists from departments; however, all employees are able to enroll themselves into all trainings with the exception of the Mandatory Trainings and New Hire Trainings.
    • Enroll in any classroom or online training via PASS.  Instructions can be found on the LTD website:
    • HR has the ability to enroll or unenroll any employee in any course. 
  • Unenroll:
    • No employee should be unenrolled in New Hire (NH) or Mandatory Training (MT)
      • Even if the employee leaves the university, we still need to keep a record of the enrollment for audit. 
      • The employee will drop off the PeopleSoft query once their job data is updated in PeopleSoft.


  • If a training or quiz is not pulling up or is not pulling up correctly:
    • Have the employee close out of TAP, clear cookies and caches and log back in.
    • If this does not work, have them use a different browser (Internet Explorer sometimes has issues with our system). 
    • If this still does not work, send Ashley Waggoner ( a screenshot of what the error message is with as much information as you can (including PS ID, employee name, course, etc.)
  • Timing Out:
    • If an individual pulls up a training or a quiz and is not active for 30 min, TAP will time out and no data will be captured.

Mandatory Training Notifications

  • Initial email: Sent out October 2, 2017
  • Status emails: Sent out every Monday starting on 10/9
  • Final email: Sent when the training is complete
  • Course completion status: Sent out by TAP as soon as a quiz is completed

New Hire Mandatory Training Notifications

  • Initial email: Sent out when enrolled (based off of job data in PeopleSoft)
  • Status emails: Sent out every week
  • Final email: Sent when the training is complete
  • Course completion status: Sent out by TAP as soon as a quiz is completed

 Mandatory vs New Hire

  • Anyone in a hire status (hire/rehire) on or after 9/1, will be enrolled in New Hire Training
  • Per UHS Policy, all UHS active employees are required to complete a mandatory training (either New Hire or Annual Mandatory Training) each fiscal year

Training Enrollments for the Main Courses

  • New Hire (EEO, Ethics & Fraud, SOS, FERPA, UHS Data Use, Safety, HAZCOM) SN1801-SN1807
    • All employees with a hire status (hire/rehire) on or after 9/1/17
  • Mandatory Training (EEO, Ethics & Fraud, SOS, FERPA, UHS Data Use, HAZCOM) SM1801-1806
    • All employees employed prior to 9/1/17 and are still current employees with no break in service or job data status changes
  • Child Protection HH1805
    • All employees indicated by departments
    • All employees in Student Affairs, Athletics and the Charter School
    • Any individual who will be working a camp that may come into contact with a minor
  • Texas Medical SH1801
    • All employees who may come into contact with any medical record, this includes FML
  • HIPAA SH1803
    • All employees who may send or submit medical records
  • Finance
    • All those indicated by departments and finance
  • Conflict of Interest and Procurement SF1812
    • All Full time Faculty
    • All Exempt Staff
    • All individuals enrolled in any finance courses
  • CSA Training SS1801
    • All individuals categorized as Campus Security Authorities

If there is an issue, please provide as much information as possible, including Employee Name, Empl ID, Screen Shots, course, error messages, etc.  Send issues, questions, or inquiries to Ashley Waggoner at