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Leading with Excellence

for experienced supervisors and managers

Learning & Talent Development (LTD), a division of Human Resources, is excited to present the Leading with Excellence series to staff and faculty.

Leading with Excellence is a five-part training series that targets experienced supervisors and managers and sets the goal of strengthening and developing leadership skills. “LWE” takes a deeper dive into leadership skills than “S.T.E.P.”   The program also includes an individual mentoring session.

Leading with Excellence modules:

  1. Leadership and Influence                                                    
  2. Understanding Leadership Styles*                               
  3. Emotional Intelligence                                                                        
  4. Managing Conflict                                                                               
  5. Situational Leadership                                                                       
  6. Individual Mentoring Session                                                            

It is offered twice per year to qualified UH leaders. 

A schedule of courses and registration information is emailed at the start of each semester to staff offices across campus. If you would like to be included on the distribution list, please email Christine Donovan -


  • Experience and/or previous leadership training (e.g. STEP 2) (Applicants and their supervisors must complete a questionnaire beforehand to determine eligibility.)
  • Commitment to attend all modules (one absence allowed)
  • Have an interest in obtaining & developing leadership knowledge

*Please be aware there is a $40 fee for completion of the (expanded) Myers Briggs Personality Survey. If you have taken it previously and can bring your results, you won’t need to take again.