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YIN VINYASA YOGA for Faculty and Staff

A free Yin Vinyasa Yoga class will be offered for faculty and staff throughout the fall semester! Beginning in September, the class will be held 12 - 12:45 every Friday in the Wellness Center located in the UH Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Yoga classes begin Friday, September 23, 2016.

Come move your body in a positive and gentle environment. This beginner’s class is designed to help get your blood and qi moving without breaking a sweat. No experience is necessary and you do not have to be a member of the CRWC to participate. Participants in the ‘drop-in’ class are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, to bring their own yoga mat (or towel; a few mats will be available to borrow) and to come with an open mind.
The class will be taught by the Wellness Center’s Dr. Laura McGuire, who has been practicing Vinyasa Yoga for 15 years and has been certified and teaching for nine.