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State and Local Mapping

In order to locate missing PS account codes, follow these simple rules:
Mapping for all longevity, deductions and taxes is dependent upon 2 keys fund code and program code from the blank earnings distribution.

The distribution for all deductions and taxes are driven from the blank earnings row or rows. If there are multiple rows for split distribution, the deductions and taxes will be split by the exact same percentages.

CWS positions are excluded because they do NOT follow the same rules. Deductions and taxes are paid entirely by local money.

Look at the first number of the fund code on the blank earnings row in the Department Budget Table

If the fund code starts with a 7, it may be state or local
All others = local funding

State Funding
  • Find out if it is state fund 1 or 2 by going to the State fund table folder on the spreadsheet.
  • Locate the right fund code to determine fund 1 or 2
    If it is not there, it is local funding
  • Look at the first number of the program code on the blank earnings row in the department budget table
  • Match the HR business unit, fund 1 or 2 and the program code on each entry
  • Locate the appropriate account code for the appropriate deduction, tax or longevity code
Local Funding
  • Get the cost center (1st 11 characters) ex: 00759-12278
  • Go to local rules mapping for deduction and tax accounts. Add to the end of the cost center
  • Take your cost center 00759-12278-(add the account here) for the complete PS account



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