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Training Materials

HR Account and Suspense Maintenance

A. Revised Position Request Form process for Contracts and Grants
1. Position Request Form (PR) is sent to Budget with begin (effective date) and end date of the funding.

2. Budget enters in the effective date and the requested funding into the Department Budget Table (DBT).

3. Budget also enters a second row with the first day of the next month following the end date as the effective date and the Research Suspense Account Code (RSAC). For example, if the funding ends on 3/25, then a 4/1 effective dated row with the RSAC would be entered.

4. A new field, Project Funding End Date is now on the PR. For all P/G funding, this field will be required. If the field is not filled out, the form will be returned to the appropriate department.

5. It is imperative that the department on the position and the department on the DBT match. If they don’t match then the account will be sent to suspense.

6. When the following events occur, the necessary actions are listed below:
    a. Funding end date changes –

      i. New PRF noting new funding end date.

      ii. Budget goes to DBT and changes the ending effective date to the new end date, keeping the RSAC as is.

      iii. If new end date is the end of the Fiscal Year (FY), then RSAC is deleted.

    b. New funding –
      i. New PR noting new account code and new funding begin and end dates.

      ii. Budget deletes the current RSAC row, inserts a new row with new funding and effective date, and inserts another row for the new funding end date with RSAC (if end date is not the end of the FY).
7. The process listed above will result in the following:
    a. Encumbrance calculated correctly for P/G account.
    b. More accurate billing process.
    c. Easier to identify those accounts for P/G in suspense that need immediate action.
B. College and Division Payroll Suspense Clearing

1. Departments are responsible for running their FY Suspense report after every payroll and taking action on those accounts that are hitting suspense (even non-P/G accounts). Reallocations will be needed for those on the FY Suspense report.

2. At the beginning of every month, a report will be run by division reflecting those accounts (both P/G and non-P/G) that have been in suspense for 60+ days. The report will be distributed to the following:

For Colleges:
a. College Administrators
b. Deans
c. Craig Ness

For Divisions:
a. Division Administrator
b. Division Vice President







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