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Procedures for Proper Handling of Paychecks:

1. Once a check has been generated the Treasury Office releases the checks to the Division Business Offices. (This individual has to be on the approved Division signature list to sign for checks).

2. The Division takes the checks and logs them into their file and then notifies the department(s) that they have checks to be picked up. (This individual has to be on the departments approved signature list to sign for checks).

3. Now the Department takes the checks and logs them into their file and then distributes them to the employees. If an employee is unavailable to pick up his/her check the department must put these unsigned checks in a locked and secure area. Checks are kept in the department for 10 days and any check that has not been picked up must be returned to Treasury.

4. Treasury will hold all returned checks until they become stale dated at which point they send the checks to the Bank Records Department in General Accounting.

5. If an employee should contact the department regarding a check that has been sent back to Treasury they should call Glinna Hilton @ 3-8737. If the check has become stale dated they will need to contact Payroll and submit in writing a request to have the check(s) reissued.



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