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HR Legacy Data

As many of you were aware, we are beginning to migrate the data from the Legacy system into the PeopleSoft system. Currently, information from six of the legacy screens has been moved into the Reporting database. More will be completed in the future. Data can be pulled via the Query tool with the employee's social security number (remember, there were no Empl ID's in legacy!). HR Legacy Data can be accessed by:

1. Log into SA/HR Reporting database
2. Go, PeopleTools, Query
3. File, Open, Type in HR_L and a list of those queries available will be returned.
4. Choose from the following:


5. You will be prompted for the personís ssn. Once entered, click on the lightening bolt or the icon to send it to Excel.

Please remember the following:
  • Data is brought directly over from the legacy system with no filtering. Meaning if it was wrong in legacy, it will be wrong on the Query.
  • This data will not show on the employee's record. The only data that was converted during go-live was the most current rows from legacy.
  • You may create your own query and/or reports from this data by using the tables for the legacy data. They are as follows:

    Query Name Table Name
    HR_LEG_SCREEN_11 uhs_leg_emp
    HR_LEG_SCREEN_12 uhs_leg_emp, uhs_leg_emp_cam
    HR_LEG_SCREEN_16 uhs_leg_emp, uhs_leg_job
    HR_LEG_SCREEN_17 uhs_leg_emp
    HR_LEG_SCREEN_26 uhs_leg_emp, uhs_leg_emp_cam
    HR_LEG_SCREEN_L16 uhs_leg_emp, uhs_leg_job

  • If you don't have access to the Reporting database, it can be obtained by taking the Query/Crystal class. Schedules and registration can be found at here.



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