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HRMS PeopleSoft Operator Id Request Instructions:

The first section of the form is informational; it includes the number where the form should be faxed upon completion and a phone number to call if you have questions.

The second section should be completed by the applicant, the grey boxes expand as data is entered in the fields.

The Operator Id Action field should have one X, Add is for new users, Change is for existing users, Delete is checked for terminating employees.

The second question should be answered, FSPRD is the PeopleSoft Finance System and the UHPRD is the PeopleSoft Student Administration system.

The Campus Id is: HR730 for Central Campus, HR783 for UH System, HR765 for UH Victoria, HR759 for UH Clearlake, HR784 for UH Downtown.

The College ID/Name is: Listed for Central Campus

College Name College ID   College Name College ID
Admin & Finance H0419   Liberal Arts and Social Sciences H0409
Admin & Finance H0421   Library H0417
Architecture H0403   Natural Sciences & Mathematics H0411
Athletics H0402   Optometry H0412
Business H0404   Pharmacy H0413
Chancellor/President H0395   Provost/Senior Vice Chancellor H0396
Education H0405   Provost/Senior Vice Chancellor KUHT
Engineering H0406   Research H0400
Honors College H0407   Social Work H0415
HRM H0408   Student Affairs H0401
Information Technology H0398   Technology H0416
Law H0410   University Advancement H0399

The Dept ID/Name is needed to assign the correct permission list.

The Campus Phone, Mail Code and Email Address are necessary for contact information.

Database Requested if other than production: leave this blank.

Access types:

Access Type Use
HR View This is for general user view
HR Update This is for HR Department only
Query This is to grant existing users access to the Reporting Database
Application Developer This is for ES Developers only
ePAR User This is for those users involved in the ePAR workflow routing and should have one box from the Approval Type Roles checked.

This section requires 3 signatures by Security Administration guidelines before access can be granted, if the supervisor/manager is the same person as the College/Division signatures are still required on both lines.

The remaining section of page one is filled out by the Customer Service/HRMS/security administrator. Customer Service will enter the Date Training Completed, Primary Security Classes/Roles and Row Security Assigned will be filled in by HRMS, the form will be signed by the Security Administrator.

Page two of the security request form should be read and signed by the new user, a copy should be given to the user for his/her records. Violations of the rules set forth in the Confidentiality Statement could result in expulsion from the University, termination of employment and/or legal action. Please review this section with the new users.



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