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Q. How should I do a Payroll Reallocation?
A. This a link to the training document to show you the proper way to do a reallocation: Payroll Reallocation 2002

Q. When should I run my Fiscal Year Suspense Report?
A. It should be run the day after every on-cycle payroll confirms. Keeping up with the problems on a payroll by payroll basis allows you to have enough time to make a correction before the next distribution and encumbrance re-calculation. This will reduce the number of reallocations necessary.

Q. When is the reallocation/suspense process run?
A. A Reallocation process is run each week that creates the debit/credit accounting lines and creates the G/L journals. Reallocations and suspense processing is completed every Friday morning. All reallocations and suspense clearing in our possession is input into the system prior to the processing. We will produce journals for the GL which will post after budget check late Friday night or Monday. You may print your Fiscal year suspense reports on Friday afternoons to verify that all transactions were cleared.

Q. Do I need to process a reallocation if the position number is changed but the cost center is the same?
A. We do not reallocate by position, only by cost center. If the cost center is the same, reallocation is not possible. We are only concerned with the cost centers that should be debited and credited.

Q. If something I sent to payroll was not reallocated, how do I research why it wasn’t processed?
A. Go to the reallocation panels and review the check number in question. If a reallocation is not processed, the payroll office will contact you to let you know the reason it was not processed. There are times where we have not received a reallocation for one reason or another, so you are always welcome to call the payroll office and ask us to research reallocation processing status.

Always keep in mind that we will not reallocate suspense items to grants. Those must be placed on a reallocation form and sent to OCG for approval. If we have a problem with an inactive account code that we are unable to process, we will contact you.



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