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Human Resources

Q. Help! I can't seem to log into the system!
A. Two things must happen before you get an Operator Id for the system: You must attend the HR View class and you must fill out an Operator ID Request form (on the FAST HR Website). If you have received your Operator ID and you still can't get in...please contact Carla Ponzio at 713-743-4275, for assistance.

Q. I am having problems with accessing the PAR/PR.
A. Please contact Carla Ponzio at Carla is our local resident PAR expert and will assist you in accessing the forms.

Q. I can't get to the Query/Crystal reports
A. If you have attended a Query/Crystal training class, please contact Carla Ponzio for Reporting database access.

Q. How can I make sure my employees were paid?
A. We have given certain groups access to view the paychecks in the system. You may view a paycheck by following this navigation: Go, Compensate Employees, Manage Payroll Process, Inquire, Paycheck, Paycheck Earnings.

Q. How should I do a Payroll Reallocation?
A. This a link to the training document to show you the proper way to do a reallocation: Payroll Reallocation 2002

Q. How do you monitor Longevity and Hazardous Pay?
A. We have a program that calculates and updates hazardous and longevity pay. This process calculates an employee's eligibility for longevity pay, based upon the service date, and for hazardous duty pay, based upon a hazardous duty eligibility date entered in Probation Date. Once calculated, the process inserts rows into Additional Pay where they can be picked up and used by the payroll process. It also updates the HIL earnings code, which is a non-paying earnings code used by the system to calculate the weighted FLSA rate for non-exempt employees. You can see this data under Additional Pay under Maintain Payroll Data. This process will run at the first of every month.
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Q. There are so many tables in the query tool that I get confused as to which one to use. HELP!
A. Here is a link to "Query Helpful Hints" it is a reference to many of the frequently used tables in creating your reports.



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