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Q. My encumbrances are not correct. What can I do to make sure they are processing correctly?
A. Encumbrance processing is based on many items, most important of those items are:

Standard Hours
Account Code
Hire/Termination dates

The Standard Hours (SH) on many of the employees that were over-encumbered showed 40 hours, when they in fact were much lower. Therefore if an employee showed SH as 40, but should have been 15...the system encumbered for all 40 hours. This caused many of your accounts to show negative balances, and it was only October! In addition, if an employee is only working for a few months, and no termination row was present, the system encumbered for the entire year.

What should you do if it is still showing incorrect?
Check the above three items and if they are not correct, contact the following:

Termination rows and Standard Hours - HR
Account Codes - Budget Office
What can you do to help the process? Make sure that account code changes are submitted to the Budget offices in a timely manner, so that they may update the account code with the new effective date prior to that date. Ensure your employee data is updated and correct, especially those Standard Hours!

Q. When is encumbrance calculated and relief done?
A. Encumbrance is calculated by position one day before or after the confirmation of each on cycle payroll ONLY. If the position is paid bi-weekly, it will be re-calculated and released with every cycle (2 or 3 per month). If it is a monthly position, it will be calculated once monthly with the payroll cycle. The payroll office and the finance office can not release payroll encumbrances any other way.

Q. If monthly people are paid the same amount each month, why does the encumbrance release amount keep changing?
A. Encumbrance is calculated for both monthly and biweekly employees on a daily basis. Not work days, number of calendar days in the month. Likewise, encumbrance release is calculated by the calendar days in the month. Example: April =30 days, May = 31 days. There is an encumbrance calculation worksheet available at the following link: Encumbrance Calculation

Q. I have a position that is over-encumbered. What can I check to make sure that it calculates correctly next cycle?
A. There are several things to check

Check the position data information panel to verify that the correct employees are tied to the position. If someone is tied to the position incorrectly, contact HR for the correction.

Check the standard hours on the employees on the job data/job information panel and verify that they are correct. This is the figure used to calculate encumbrance. This is particularly important for lump sum positions. If standard hours are found to be incorrect at the employee level, contact HR for correction.

Should there be a termination row or a short work break row entered on the employee’s job data panel to prevent calculation through the end of the fiscal year? Complete a PAR and submit to HR.

Should the funding change on a particular date? Complete a PRF and submit to the budget office to change future funding.



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