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Resources for Employees Leaving UH

We understand that separation from UH is a difficult time for you.  In an effort to ease your transition, we've compiled some information that we hope you will find useful. Be sure to check back often because we are diligently looking for resources you can use!

  1. Retirement:  Are you able to retire?  Can you afford it? Get all the information from HR Benefits.
  2. Benefits: How long can you keep your medical insurance, and what will it cost?  What happens to your retirement account and your accumulated sick and vacation leave?  Check out our Benefits Q&A for answers.
  3. Job Search: Whether or not you're able to retire, you may still be in search of paid employment.  Check out our career resources and be sure to share with us any helpful links of your own.
  4. Bills, Legal and Medical: Depending on how long you are between jobs, you may be eligible for certain types of assistance.  We have found links to free and low-cost medical, dental, legal and utility resources, so checkour medical, dental and mental health resources for information you can use.
  5. Frugal Living: Until you have that next job lined up, you'll want to reduce expenses.  We've found a number of resources for general frugality and for fun on a budget.  Be sure to pass your tips along to us so we can share them with others.

Be sure to also check out the Texas Workforce Commission's site for job seekers and employees:

Do you have tips and useful websites to share?  Contact us at