Benefits - Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)/Parental LeaveI have filled out my FMLA/Parental Leave forms. Now what?

The FMLA/Parental Leave application is completed first by you, the employee, and then you must forward it to your health care provider for review. The form does not have to be approved by your supervisor or business administrator, but you are still required to inform your supervisor that you have applied for FML and submit a leave request form if your FML is approved.

The Certification of Health Care Provider form is provided by you to your doctor for completion and then may be faxed to HR, mailed to HR, or returned to you for delivery directly to HR. The Certification of Health Care Provider does not go to your department.

Within five business days of receiving your application, your supervisor, department business administrator and college business administrator will be notified that you have requested FML. Within fifteen (15) calendar days, you and your supervisor will be informed of approval or denial unless not practicable under the circumstances.


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