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Texas Workforce Commission



Texas Workforce Commission
Civil Rights Division
Management Review of Personnel Policies and Procedures-2011


Section I-Hiring and Promotion

  • UHS Policy:  Recruitment, Job Posting and Selection of Staff Employees
  • Faculty Search Manual
  • UHS Policy:  Affirmative Action Policy
  • UHS Policy:  Promotion and Transfer of Staff
  • SECTION II - Performance Evaluations 

  • UHS Staff Performance Appraisals Policy
  • UH Staff Performance Assessment Policy
  • PCD Checklist
  • UH PCD Site:
  • UH PCD Check 
  • PCD Form B
  • PCD Form C 
  • PCD Form D
  • PCD Form E
  • UH Annual Faculty Review Policy
  • UH Promotion and Tenure Policy
  • UH Post-Tenure Performance Review Policy

    SECTION III - Disciplinary Actions


    SECTION IV - Workplace Accommodations

    • UH ADA Policy

    SECTION V - EEO Policy including Sexual Harassment