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Executive Excellence

Executive Excellence is the upper level administration program under the umbrella of Impact UH.  Designed to address the leadership skills and knowledge of University personnel at the Executive Director, Director, Associate and Assistant Director level, it will enhance the already inherent leadership capabilities of 16 selected individuals.

The program is nomination based and requires mandatory attendance at each of the ten modules associated with the program.  Each module’s content builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous module and therefore, attendance is imperative. Whether a nominator or a nominee, please be prepared to commit to these dates.  This is a ten week series; if you feel that you are unable to commit to the full program you may want to consider applying in the spring semester.  Nominees must have been employed at UH for at least 2 years to be considered for the program.

Incorporated into the program are blended learning solutions.  Lectures, guest lectures by University subject matter experts, group activities, individual challenges, experiential activities, case studies, blogs and discussion boards comprise the learning methodologies employed.  There is quite literally, something for everyone, and an opportunity for participants to share their own expertise.

At the conclusion of the formal program, an alumni group continues the mission of encouraging excellence in everything we do, as set forth by the first and continuing participants in this program.  It is an honor to be nominated and selected to participate in Executive Excellence and a level of openness and commitment is absolutely required.  The leadership journey waits.