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  BENEFIT FAIR EVENT OVERVIEW Human Resources planned the 2010 Benefits Fair to include a balance of employee offerings through both UH departments as well as external organizations. To view event pictures, event statistic and rarffle prize winner click here.

Compensation & HRIM Updates

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Compensation Partners

Please join us in welcoming Lori Kauniste, our new senior compensation analyst.  Lori comes to us with over 10 years of HR experience and a master’s degree in organizational management.  Now that compensation is once again fully staffed, we have assigned an analyst to work with each college and division.  To determine your compensation contact, please review the college and division assignments below.  Your assigned analyst will gladly assist you with reclassifications, new jobs, promotions, reorganizations and salary decisions.


Sara Chelette

Phone: 3-5769

Compensation and HRIM Manager

Email: SChelette@uh.edu


Area Compensation Partner
Compensation General Questions

Alicia Colbert

Phone: 3-4227

Compensation Analyst

Email: AColbert@uh.edu

College of Architecture
College of Business Administration
College of Education
College of Engineering
Graduate College of Social Work
Honors College
College of Hotel & Restaurant Management
College of Law
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
College of Optometry
College of Pharmacy
College of Technology
University Advancement

Area Compensation Partner
Compensation General Questions

Lori Kauniste

Phone: 3-5751

Senior Compensation Analyst

Email: LKauniste@uh.edu

Report and Data Requests
Administration & Finance
Public Safety & Security
University Services
Human Resources
Information Technology
Plant Operations
Provost & Academic Affairs
Public Broadcasting
Systems Teaching Centers
Education Technology and University Outreach
Student Affairs
Research & Intellectual Property Management

Employment Verifications

Employment Verifications may be faxed to the attention of Billy Taylor, Records Coordinator, University of Houston Human Resources Records Department, at 713-743-0817. You may also contact Ms. Taylor by telephone at 713-743-5766. 

All employment verification requests must:

  • be signed by the employee
  • include the employee’s full name
  • include the last four digits of the employee’s Social Security Number (i.e.  XXX-XX-1234)  

Employment verifications are generally completed and returned two to five business days from receipt of the request.  However, requests involving the verification of wages, accruals, longevity or other Payroll information are generally completed and returned within ten business days.

Prior State Service

The Prior State Service form is for current University Employees who have accumulated prior state service through previous employment with other universities and/or agencies of the state of Texas. 

It is the employee’s responsibility to have the form completed by the agency and forward the form to Human Resources, Records Department, attention Billy Taylor, fax number 713-743-0817.  The form should be authorized by the previous agency and must provide the verification on agency letterhead or a standard form sent directly to Human Resources.  This form can be found on our website under Forms.

Prior State verifications are generally completed within five business days of receipt.  Note that longevity and accrual adjustments may take at least one payroll cycle to show the corrections.


For information on how to avoid creating duplicate IDs click here

Coordinate, Don't Terminate!   

When a benefits eligible employee transfers to another department, the new department is responsible for the ePAR transaction.  

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