Reserve a Room on Campus

Events on campus are a very important part of the campus experience. To that end, it is very important to contact the appropriate entities when trying to book a space for your end. You will also want to review all university policies and procedures when setting up your event.

Reserve a Room

  1. Book a room as early as possible!
  2. Choose a space that will accommodate the number of attendees you plan to have and the activities you are planning for your event
  3. Many University Buildings and Facilities only hold events on behalf of Academic Groups. Describe your event when making room reservations to be sure you are complying with college/program standards.
  4. Popular Event Sites on Campus:
  5. Audio Visual Equipment - If your event requires the use of Audio and/or Visual Equipment, you will need to make those arrangements when reserving a room. Most buildings/colleges have AV staff ready to help you

Review Policies & Procedures

Review all university policies and procedures for holding events on campus. Pay close attention to the alcohol policy (page 4) stated in the policies and procedures as any deviation from this policy will cause your event to be ended immediately without prior notice and the host of the event being held responsible for any violation of university policy.