A Guide to UH Career Services

Use the education and skills you are developing to make a difference in the world beyond college. Start your career path with the myriad of services offered by Career Services.

  1. Determine what kind of job you are seeking and what.
    1. Think about the skills you have and the skills you would like to develop.
    2. This determination will determine what types of job searches will yield the most desirable results
  2. The following colleges have their own recruiting services. If you are a student of one of the following colleges, then specialized career services are available to you.
    1. C.T. Bauer College of Business
      1. Elizabeth Rockwell Career Center
      2. Services Offered to Students and Alumni:
        1. Business Career Fairs
        2. Bauer Career Gateway Job Postings (Business majors only) -
        3. Bauer Internship Program
        4. Individual Career Counseling
        5. Recruiting and Networking Events
        6. Career Development Programs
        7. Resume Assistance – Resume E.R.
        8. Interview Preparation
        9. Networking Training and Assistance
        10. Professional Image Coaching
        11. Workshops on Career Topics
    2. Cullen College of Engineering
      1. Engineering Career Center
      2. Services Offered to Students and Alumni:
        1. Provides career-readiness workshops
        2. Connects students with employers
        3. Offers an online resume and employer database system
    3. Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management
      1. Placement Services at the Conrad N. Hilton College
      2. Services Offered to Employers:
        1. Job Posting
        2. Find An Intern
        3. Career Fairs
        4. On-Campus Recruiting
    4. UH Law Center
      1. UH Law Center Career Development Office
      2. Services Offered to Students and Alumni:
        1. Fall On Campus Interviews
        2. Individual Career Counseling
        3. Job Fairs
        4. Job Postings
        5. NALP Directory
        6. Networking Events
        7. Alumni Network
    5. College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
      1. CLASS Career Services
      2. Services Offered to Students and Alumni:
        1. CLASS Career Partners Program
        2. Posting positions
        3. On Campus Interviewing
        4. Workshops and information meetings
    6. Graduate College of Social Work
      1. GCSW Career Development Services
      2. Services Offered to Students and Alumni:
        1. Individual Career Counseling
        2. Job Opportunity Postings
        3. Resume Development and Critiques
        4. Mock Interviews
        5. Career Resource Materials and Handouts
        6. Workshops on Job Search Techniques, Interview Strategies, Resumes, Networking or other requested topics
        7. Ongoing Job Search Support
    7. College of Technology
      1. College of Technology Career Services
      2. Services Offered to Students and Alumni:
        1. Career Fair
        2. Advising
        3. Job Posting
  3. If the position you are seeking to fill DOES NOT fit into one of the above categories, then contact the University of Houston Career Services Center
    1. The following Colleges are served by University Career Services:
      1. Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture
      2. College of Education
      3. College of Natural Science & Mathematics
      4. College of Optometry
      5. College of Pharmacy
    2. Services Offered to Employers:
      1. Job-preparedness training for all UH students
      2. Job Postings (All majors)
      3. Career Fairs
      4. On-campus recruiting
      5. Individual Career Counseling
      6. Recruiting and Networking Events
      7. Career Development Programs
      8. Resume Assistance
      9. Interview Preparation
      10. Networking Training and Assistance
      11. Professional Image Coaching
      12. Workshops on Career Topics
      13. Career Resource Library