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Future of Quadrangle

The Quadrangle has been and continues to be a place of fond memories for many of our Alumni as well as current housing students. You can’t mention the quadrangle near a past resident and not get a warm story of the great memories that they experienced while living there. The Quadrangle will one day be rebuilt and we want to share your story and photos with other residents and alumni just like you.

To stay connected with the Quadrangle Replacement project and to share your photo memories of the Quadrangle simply fill in the contact information below and upload your photos. We will share your photos on our website and we will also keep you posted on any Quadrangle ceremonies and events surrounding the decommissioning of the Quadrangle.

First Name

Last Name

Nick Name

Maiden Name

Years Attended

Years you lived in the Quads

Year you worked at the Quadrangle

Position held


School affiliations at that time

Builidng and room you lived in (if known)

Upload picture(s) of you in the Quadrangle here

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