Get To Know Your RLCs - University of Houston
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Residential Life Coordinators (RLCs) supervise all the happenings in your residence hall.  Additionally, they handle conduct violations and emergencies. Don’t let that scare you though! RLCs are also happy to meet with you and discuss your needs or any questions you may have. You'll interact with them a lot while living in your residence hall. 
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    Aaron Crowe

    Cougar Village II
    Fun Fact: Is a master of racquetball! 

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    Alyssa Veteto

    University Lofts
    Fun Fact: Sings opera professionally! 

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    BriAnn Price

    Cougar Village II
    Fun Fact: Loves traveling! 

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    Christopher Allen

    Moody Towers South
    Fun Fact: Has an Australian Cattle Dog named Avery and a Pomeranian named Kobe! 

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    George Hill

    Bayou Oaks
    Fun Fact: Performed in the circus for three years! 

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    Jarell Miller

    Moody Towers North
    Fun Fact: Has a car named Megan The Stallion! 

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    Kandace Kendall

    Cougar Place
    Fun Fact: Has a tabby cat named Sam Houston who loves to wear bow ties and sweaters!  

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    Shemeka Phipps

    Cougar Village I
    Fun Fact: Loves to shop!