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Summer of Apps: Serving Community Partners Through Mobile Tech

For Summer 2014, 12 UH undergraduates from all fields will have the opportunity to conduct a full-time summer research experience under the mentorship of Dr. Dan Price and Dr. Peggy Lindner. This program will allow undergraduates to learn to build apps for phones and tablets. The summer fellows will be exposed to new approaches in business, computer science, and design to connect community non-profits with cutting edge tech.

Each UH student will receive $3,500 for a full-time, ten-week summer research experience working in small groups directly benefiting the Houston non-profit community. Designers, programmers, and project leaders are needed. 

Mobile App Development Teams will include
  • Plant selection app for local gardeners and environmentalists
  • Healthy Homes app for asthmatic kids and home inspections
  • Farmers’ Market app for Urban Harvest and similar organizations
  • Campus Art app for University of Houston’s public art collection
  • Volunteer management app for several organizations

Deadline for applications is March 21st.  Please fill out the online application form at:

General Information about the Program

The Honors College has teamed up with the Bonner Leaders Program, Office of Undergraduate Research, faculty in Art and Computer Science, and the Medicine and Society Program to create the Summer of Apps.

The Honors College will provide the technical support, and students will provide programming, design, and leadership in terms of project design and implementation.

The Data Revolution

The task of education is to learn to interpret the world, and the data revolution of the last ten years rests on new approaches to computer algorithms for automating interpretation. We teach our students that this isn’t magic, and that students from all backgrounds and majors can learn how to use these new approaches to make a better world.

During the Summer of Apps, our teams will break open the magic box, creating applications that empower non-profits working to help Houston. We put data tools in student hands, provide broad opportunities for meaningful community engagement, and ground their education in a demanding curriculum guided by a contextual and ethical vision.