The Houston Scholars Program

Houston Scholars

Coming Soon...

In Fall 2014, the Houston Scholars program will invite its inaugural cohort of outstanding first year students to participate in an exclusive seminar series, which may feature such topics as:

  • Outlining personal and career goals
  • Developing intellectual, college, and career trajectories
  • Gaining regional, national, and international perspectives
  • Communicating effectively to multiple audiences
  • Finding and building on a Big Idea
  • Discovering what graduate school really is and how it works
  • Writing proposals, statements, and grants 
  • Learning through teaching and mentoring
  • Constructing and delivering a great talk
  • Exploring ethics in research 

The talented students invited to participate in the Houston Scholars program will also have access to scholarships and mentorship opportunities with distinguished faculty and administrators.

More information on this exciting new program will be available soon.