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Thesis Guidelines for the Honors College

Students enrolled in HON3399 and HON4399 should follow the formatting guidelines and binding provided by the Honors College.

The Honors College Senior Honors Thesis Representative

Dr. Jenn Asmussen from the Office of Undergraduate Research is your contact.

Pertinent information on formatting and binding. HON students should reference CLASS guidelines:

Email Dr. Asmussen for an appointment before the binding deadline during the semester you are defending your thesis. The binding deadline for HON thesis students is the last day of the semester. You bind your own theses once you receive your signature pages back from Dr. Asmussen with Dean Monroe’s signature.

Minimum number of copies: One total, (1) for the Honors College. However, you should ask your research mentor if he/she would like a bound copy of your thesis, and if the department would like a copy. You will also be required to submit an electronic copy of your thesis to the MD Anderson Library once your thesis is approved.