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Service Learning in the University of Houston Honors College

Service Learning is one of several co-curricular programs that are offered to Honors students. Engaging in service through Honors means that students are introduced to the reasons why service is necessary in our community and they are challenged with taking responsibility to provide meaningful, quality service to address and alleviate many quality of life challenges in our community.

Students in service participate in project-based learning that is motivated by approaching solutions for challenging problems and questions. Honors students who participate in service build long-term programs and relationships with our community partners, and experience learning in a way that develops skills and builds capacity for them outside of what they experience in the classroom. They gain proficiency in critical thinking/problem solving, collaboration, and self-management skills and are also challenged to take leadership roles in their service work.

Honors faculty lead and mentor students in their service through courses in their disciplines that focus on key elements of civic engagement and social justice. There are also service opportunities through study abroad experiences tied to Honors courses and undergraduate research that is conducted through or as a result of service projects.


The Bonner Leaders program is housed in the Honors College and is the premiere opportunity for Honors students to engage in a four-year program dedicated to developing leadership through service. Some Bonners receive support for their service work in the form of a Provost Service Learning Scholarship that is awarded to incoming freshmen who are high-performing high school students recognizing the value of service as an integral part of their educational experience at UH.

The Bonner mission is to create a high quality educational experience for its students while simultaneously working to build a better Houston community, and to alleviate factors contributing to poverty. The Bonners work with and through partners not only to contribute to the community, but also to enrich and enhance the student learning experience. For more information about the Bonner Leaders program, visit the Bonner website