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Electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) are more than a repository for students to store their best work. When developed with the guidance of faculty and advisors, critically analyzed by the student, and shared with others, ePortfolios serve as a dynamic high-impact learning practice. They provide an opportunity for students to examine the caliber of their work, and reflect upon what they have learned. The tool enables students to assess the progress they have made over time and how they have grown, and also make connections within their learning experiences. Electronic portfolios provide details and evidence of learning that a traditional transcript cannot offer. However, ePortfolios must be developed thoughtfully and intentionally to serve as an effective tool for reflection and critical analysis.
  • Developing ePortfolios

    The CUE offers resources for students building ePortfolios, faculty creating ePortfolio assignments for courses, and administrators developing ePortfolio programs. These services include giving lectures and seminars to UH students and faculty, advising faculty and administrators on implementation strategies, offering an ePortfolio course to students, and providing online resources for ePortfolio development. Contact Dr. Karen Weber for more information.

  • Tips for ePortfolio Creation

    Follow these guidelines to learn how to develop an ePortfolio in four easy steps. Dr. Karen Weber also teaches a one-hour ePortfolio course each semester for juniors and seniors.