Honors Housing FAQ

The Honors College has on-campus housing communities in Cougar Village and Cougar Place. Check the FAQ below for answers to your housing questions. 

For additional questions about Honors housing, contact Brenda Rhoden in the Honors College at bjrhoden@uh.edu or 713.743.9025 or contact Residential Life and Housing at 713.743.6000 (toll-free at 800.247.7184) or http://www.housing.uh.edu/.

Where will I live?

In general, freshmen reside in Cougar Village. Following the freshman year, Honors students may live in Cougar Village or in Cougar Place. Starting Fall 2014, Taub Hall will go offline and be unavailable for housing assignments. 

When do I need to apply for housing?

Both current and entering Honors students must apply for Honors Housing in Cougar Village or Cougar Place (at http://www.housing.uh.edu/). 

How can I verify that I've signed up for Honors housing?

Call the housing office at 713.743.6000 or 800.247.7184.

After I've applied, how long before I receive my Housing Agreement/Contract?

Housing sends out agreements weekly, approximately 2-3 weeks after the application is received.

When is my Housing Agreement/Contract due?

The contract you receive will have a specific deadline on it; however, Housing continues to honor the agreement as long as space is available.

When will I find out about my roommate?

Roommate information will be included in the confirmation letter, which is tentatively scheduled to go out in May.

How can I choose a specific person as my roommate?

Indicate the name and PSID of your roommate choice on your application. Even if you meet someone after you've turned in your information, contact Housing, as chances are good they can still meet your request.