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Honors Housing Moves to Newly-Built Cougar Village

The Honors College on-campus community has made its home in the Quadrangle, in Law and Taub halls, for decades. To best serve our students, by offering them the newest and nicest housing available, we’re relocating the entire Honors housing community to the new Cougar Village, available for move-in this fall.

The Honors College housing in Cougar Village will encompass all six "neighborhoods" (neighborhoods are groups of 16 rooms, separated from the other rooms by a lounge or kitchenette) on the 6th floor as well as approximately two neighborhoods on the 5th floor. Some single rooms on the 7th floor are also available. These rooms are configured similarly to those in the Quad – two-room suites with a shared bathroom and moveable furniture. The suites and bathrooms are slightly larger than those in Taub (600 sq. ft. compared to Taub’s 565 sq. ft). Prices for Cougar Village are $550/month ($4950/academic year) for a double-occupancy room with utilities included.

Applying for Housing

Both current and entering Honors students must apply for Honors Housing in Cougar Village for the 2010-2011 school year (at Please complete your application by the final deadline to apply for Cougar Village Honors housing for 2010-2011 - May 1

Some details about applying for Honors housing for 2010-2011:


  • The housing application is online at (see the link in the left column of that page). 
  • Students currently living on campus will not be charged a housing application fee to apply for the Honors housing in Cougar Village.
  • In the section that asks whether you have a special need, please include the following information:
    • For current Honors students: 6th floor Cougar Village Honors Housing requested – current Honors College student.
    • For entering Honors students: 5th or 6th floor Cougar Village Honors Housing requests - incoming Honors College student.
  • In the section that asks about Room Preference, please select: Cougar Village, Double or Single, and Honors College Housing in the Primary Area Room & Theme fields. You can leave the Secondary Area Room & Theme fields blank (or repeat the same information).
  • Finally, in the Roommate Preference section, you may want to specify your current (or preferred) Honors roommate.


For questions about Honors housing, contact Brenda Rhoden in The Honors College at or 713.743.9025 or contact Residential Life and Housing at 713.743.6000 (toll-free at 800.247.7184) or