Honors College Study Abroad

The Honors College offers study abroad trips to add an experiential dimension to the Honors curriculum and provide a peak experience in a student's education. Previous trips have included Italy, Greece, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland and Israel.

In Summer 2015, three study abroad trips are planned to the Galapagos, Scotland, and Honduras. A summer 2016 trip to Greece is also planned, and more information will be available later.

Please note: The Honduras trip is at capacity and no longer accepting applications.

Honors Study Abroad 2015: Galapagos

May 20-30

Led by Dr. Andrew Hamilton

Join Dr. Hamilton on a unique, STEM-oriented trip to Galapagos. Students who take Dr. Hamilton's Spring 2015 Biology class, "Sex and Death: Evolution, Sociality, and Biogeography," will have the opportunity to participate.

In the course, students will read Darwin's On the Origin of Species, Mendel's "Experiments on Plant Hybridization," and other primary works in evolutionary biology. On the trip, students will be able to walk in some of Darwin’s footsteps, as well as become acquainted with some of the species (finches, frigates, tortoises, boobies, and the solitary carpenter bee, Xylocopa darwini) and processes they’ve studied in the course. Taking Dr. Hamilton's course isn't required to join the study abroad trip but is strongly encouraged.

Honors Study Abroad 2015: Scotland

May 18-30

Led by Dr. Jonathan Zecher

Are you ready for England? How about Scotland? In May 2015, Dr. Zecher will lead an intrepid group to explore the great capitals and rugged frontiers of Great Britain. This trip will feature time in London, York, and Edinburgh, with lots of hiking in the unparalleled Scottish Highlands. 

Space is limited on this trip, and there are incentives for early registration, so check out the full itinerary and pricing and sign up! Email Dr. Zecher for more information.

Honors Study Abroad 2015: Honduras

May 17-31

Global Health Trip, led by Dr. Ricardo Nuila

On this Global Health trip, faculty from Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Houston will lead a team of undergraduate students on a two-week medical mission trip to an underserved rural area in Santa Ana, Honduras, where Houston Shoulder to Shoulder has provided health care for more than 20 years. Students will have the opportunity to enact global health by providing basic clinical care to area residents under the instruction of physicians and health care professionals.

Accommodations will be provided on site at Shoulder to Shoulder's clinic, which will help ensure immersion into this needy area. Note: The Honduras trip is at capacity and no longer accepting applications.

Honors Study Abroad 2015: Haiti

May 22-30

Led by Drs. Shasta F. Jones and Carl Lindahl

For a second year in a row, students will run a medical clinic in and around Port-au-Prince, Haiti, under the guidance of healthcare professionals. So moved by their work in May 2014 in which students served approximately 500 patients in a week, 2015 students want to be able to provide even more. Students who traveled to Haiti in 2014 founded a UH student organization, Friends of Haiti, to encourage interested students to partner together to meet the needs of our Caribbean neighbors. More about this organization, videos and photos from 2014, and information on the 2015 trip can be found at https://uhfriendsofhaiti.wordpress.com. Note: This trip is at capacity and no longer accepting applications.