Honors College Study Abroad

The Honors College offers study abroad trips to add an experiential dimension to the Honors curriculum and provide a peak experience in a student's success that will last a lifetime. Previous trips have included Italy, Greece, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland and Israel.

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Greece in May 2016

May 15-June 27

Led by Richard Armstrong

The Dream Team tour of Greece (May 15-28) may have a few openings left if you act now!  We will be spending time on the Greek mainland, going to the major cultural and archaeological sites in Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae, and Epidauros. But we’ll also have plenty of time on the water—a day cruise around the Saronic Gulf plus a 4-day cruise extension around the Aegean islands.  Professors Armstrong, Zecher, Dué and Valier will be there to tell you all about the history and culture of ancient, medieval and modern Greece while you have your day in the sun. 

Explore the settings, structures and cultures that remain of the once-mighty Greek empire. Gaze out from Pericles’ greatest vision after two thousand years of war, bombardment and reconstruction. Discuss the feats of Michael Phelps and company at the site where the modern Olympics were born, and ponder life’s great questions in literal molds of Socrates, Plato and the gang. Click here for trip details.

Galapagos in May 2016

May 19-June 17

Led by Dr. Andrew Hamilton

The trip is organized in conjunction with the Universidad San Francisco De Quito. In partnership with the University of North Carolina. USFQ runs the Galapagos Science Center, a research station in Playa Mann on San Cristobal Island. At the research station and through the adjacent GAIAS program, you will interact with faculty from USFQ and around the world working on projects in the islands. Specific research projects, and how you will contribute to them, will be forthcoming shortly.

The class culminates in an optional trip to the Galapagos Islands, where students will spend approximately one month assisting faculty with ongoing research projects. The trip will also  include: a few days on the mainland around Quito seeing historical sites and natural wonders (e.g., Cotopaxi just after arrival and before departure back to the US; a planned excursion each weekend to various parts of San Cristobal or other islands in the archipelago; and free time during the week to explore the islands as you see fit

Learn more about the trip and how to apply.

Peru in May 2017

May 18-30

Led by Dr. Rita Sirrieh

The 2017 Peru trip will be a cultural and service learning trip. We will take a walking tour of Lima, tour the historic center of Cuzco, the former Incan capital, and explore the Incan citadel Machu Picchu and other ancient Incan sites. Then we will travel to the shores of Lake Titicaca, where we will go kayaking, visit the Uros Floating Islands, and participate in four days of service in conjunction with the local community. Related coursework will be released in Fall 2016. You can learn more details about the trip or sign up online