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Steven Reiss Wins Koch Fellowship

Through the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) at George Mason University, Honors senior Steven Reiss will be participating in The Charles B. Koch Summer Fellow program, which combines a public policy intership with week-long career skills and policy seminars and weekly lectures on policy issues. During the program, Koch fellows spend eight weeks in a paid internship at a state or federal policy organization or think tank. Reiss, one of only 80 fellows accepted to the program, was introduced to the Koch Fellowship by Honors professor Sue Collins. According to Reiss, "Through The Honors College I met professors like Drs. LeVeaux and Collins, who fueled my passion for policy analysis and political theory." An economics major, Reiss is excited to particpate in a "really great opportunity to broaden my horizons, prepare for my career, and to actually work with like-minded people."

Based on a his academic record and writing skills, interest in and understanding of public policy and classical liberalism, and several short essays indicating his areas of interest, Reiss was selected from over 1300 applicants made up of undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates to participate. According to Reiss, "Because every class within the Honors College is small and discussion based, the learning environment is fueled by dialogue and students who are interested in ideas and eager to learn. This type of environment was instrumental in introducing me to new ideas and developing my critical reading and thinking skills." After being passed through multiple levels of review and interviews, Reiss's application was selected for an internship with Citizens Against Government Waste.

Reiss, who gives a credit for his acceptance to his work and professors in The Honors College, says, "My experience in the Honors College developed my mind and introduced me to the people who made acceptance to this Fellowship possible."