Honors College Study Abroad

In 2012, Honors College students, faculty, staff, and alumni took study abroad trips to Italy and to Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague. These trips follow visits to Greece and Ireland in 2011, Israel and Spain in 2010, and previous trips to places such as Turkey, Italy, France, Mexico, and others. In addition, the Center for Creative Work sponsors a study-away Artists' Retreat each spring.

Honors Study Abroad 2014: Israel and Istanbul

May 12-26, 2014

led by Ted Estess, Bill Monroe, Iain Morrisson, and Jesse Rainbow

Standing at breath-taking vistas, viewing ancient crossroads, walking the paths that Biblical characters knew—this is much more than the usual shrine and souvenir shop tour. Join Professors Estess, Monroe, Morrisson, and Rainbow on a study abroad to Israel and Istanbul, guided by the legendary Stephen Langfur.

For three wonderful days we will focus on the center of Jesus’ public ministry around the regions and shores of the Sea of Galilee. We will sail the sea on a double scale replica of a fishing boat (the Jesus Boat) found in our lifetime on the northern shores of Kibbutz Nof Ginosar. On other days, we may choose to overview the route of Joshua’s victory from Gilgal over the Benjamin Plateau on the edge of Jerusalem. Or, we may choose to visit the Valley of Elah and reconstruct the battle between David and Goliath.

In Jerusalem we will sit on the Temple Steps in the Ophel Ridge and reconsider the Kingdom Parables of Jesus. One prominent Jewish scholar insists this is the one place where we may say with certainty that Jesus was at this place, and where He taught parables. We will walk on the ancient Herodian pavement when we visit the Western Wall.Come, walk, and learn the land of the Bible with us.

Read the full brochure for more information.


Honors Study Abroad 2014: Paris, Provence, Barcelona, Madrid

May 15-26, 2014

led by Dr. Richard Armstrong

Paris—THE great world city, a cultural mecca, a culinary dream. And that's where the tour begins!  Come spend time on a tour that will show you what human thriving really means. We'll start off with the iconic sights of Paris (Champs Élysées, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Latin Quarter, Louvre) and a day trip to Versailles Palace. 

Then it's down to the south of France for a few days with time in Avignon, Nîmes, and Carcassonne. We'll drink in the very different scenery and culture of the Langue d'Oc region, a land still rich in Roman ruins, and the home of the troubadours.

Then we zip by train to Barcelona, the vibrant cultural capital of Catalonia. Here we explore one of Spain's most vigorous regional cultures, and we'll trace the surreal lines connecting Spain to France with a visit to Figueres and the Salvador Dalí theater-museum.

We end in another great European capital: Madrid. A visit to the Prado, a walk around the Plaza Mayor, and while we're there, why not drop in at the Royal Palace?

Our tour vendor has great monthly payment options, and the group is filling up, so go to the website TODAY or get on the interested list.

*NOTE:  This external link to the tour website shows Madrid as an optional tour extension. However, Madrid is INCLUDED in the Honors College's summer 2014 trip at no additional charge.*


For more information on Honors Study Abroad, please contact Richard Armstrong at richard.armstrong@mail.uh.edu or Ted Estess at testess@uh.edu.