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Recently Inducted Society of Fellows

Society of Fellows

Back Row: Elizabeth Gregory, P. Shiv Halasyamani, Lannis Kirkland, Francesca Behr, Susan Scarrow, Jerald Strickland, David Mikics, Clifford Dacso, Keith Hollingsworth, Richard DeFrank, and James Pipkin; Front Row: Karen Farber, Dan Wells, Matthew Nicol, Casey Dué Hackney, Marie-Theresa Hernández, Alison Leland, Stuart Dryer, Martin Melosi, and Jeffrey Church; Fellows Not Pictured: Andrew Achenbaum, Simon Bott, Geoffrey Brune, Lawrence Curry, Andrew Davis, John Hardy, j. Kastely, Frank Kelley, John Lienhard, Ralph Metcalfe, Donald Lutz, Kathryn Peek, Joe Pratt, Tyler Priest, Martha Serpas, Gregory Weiher, and Lowell Wood 

The designation “Fellow of The Honors College” recognizes University faculty and staff, as well as friends of the College, for their contributions to Honors education. A Fellow may assist the College in many ways, including serving on senior honors thesis committees, teaching Honors courses, and providing counsel to Honors students and the College.