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Honors Students Excel in Diplomacy

MAL TeamTwenty Honors College students, representing Kuwait and Oman, earned multiple awards at the 4th annual Model Arab League (MAL) Regional Conference, held February 26-27 in the Honors College. Co-sponsored by the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, the conference attracted 140 students from 12 southwest schools. Honors College alumna Blair Ault, a 5-year MAL veteran, volunteered her time as Secretariat-General, while senior Andrew Hall and sophomore Safa Ansari-Bayegan chaired the economic and political committees, respectively. 

Team advisor Jodie Köszegi believes that the model was the ideal preparation for the greater challenges of the 2011 National Model in Washington, D.C., the weekend of April 1-3. “This team has grown into the most prepared, cohesive, and exciting team.” She commented, “this might be our most fearless team yet.” 

To ensure qualified students can attend the national conference, MAL alumni are being called to contribute to the newly established Model Arab League Scholarship fund to provide scholarship assistance to delegates whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from attending. The Honors College has pledged to match alumni contributions to the fund. 

The current team is convinced that MAL alumni will rally to the cause. Safa Ansari-Bayegan said, “The trip to the National Model in D.C. is an amazing learning experience, both inside and outside of committee.” Köszegi added, “MAL is an outstanding leadership development opportunity, and students who participate in the National Model become eligible for a number of scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and internships to which they might not otherwise have access.”

To contribute, send a check or money order payable to the “University of Houston” to Jodie Köszegi’s attention in the Honors College.