Artists & Their Regions

Houston Methodist Hospital aerial view

About "Artists and Their Regions: Houston Methodist Hospital"

Emergency Care, Heart and Vascular, Neurology, Robotic Surgery—each of these specialties at Houston Methodist Hospital has its own performance space and its own actors. To be “on stage” means you’re out of the break rooms and walking into intensive care units, lab facilities, operating rooms, all spaces where particular roles are played, particular scripts performed. Artists and Their Regions in Spring 2014 will feature Houston Methodist Hospital in the middle of the Texas Medical Center as our region of study, as our text to analyze and interpret, as our theatre for creative and critical work.

We will “shadow” medical practitioners and enroll in the Volunteer Services, complete our training, and wear badges as official members of the Houston Methodist Hospital Community. We will learn from the inside.

This class has been designed through a unique collaboration between The Honors College and Houston Methodist Hospital. As always, we will travel to a pastoral location for the annual Artists’ Retreat during Spring Break.

Artists & Their Regions is the CCW's signature course. It features seminar-style class meetings and a week-long artists' retreat that gives students and faculty time to focus on their creative projects. 

The course is offered each spring to upperclassmen dedicated to honing their craft and developing a specific creative project over the semester. For more information about enrolling in Artists & Their Regions, please see the coursebook.

Recent Travels

In Spring 2013, the Artists and Their Regions class read and studied Flannery O'Connor and the American South. During Spring Break, the class traveled to Milledgeville, Georgia, home to the world's largest insane asylum in the 1950s and O'Connor from 1938-1964.