Message from the Executive Director - University of Houston
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Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the University of Houston Health Center. We are very pleased that you have decided to join us at the University of Houston. We will do everything possible to make your stay a healthy one. Our experienced team of health care providers is dedicated to the promotion of disease prevention, health maintenance, and wellness through education. The University of Houston Health Center is a comprehensive primary healthcare facility. We offer affordable and accessible quality primary medical and mental health care. Our pharmacy offers prescription and non-prescription medications at competitive prices often lower than off campus. Pharmacy services are available to all currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.

The benefit of receiving medical care on campus is not only convenience but also its high quality. All currently enrolled students at the University of Houston are eligible for all services of the Health Center. Costs for services, procedures, tests and medications are reasonable. We do offer a Health Insurance Program endorsed by and designed especially for the University of Houston. The University of Houston strongly encourages all students to carry health insurance. Insurance is not required to be seen by our health care professionals; however, the out-of-pocket cost for care at the UH Health Center is greatly reduced for those students with the Student Health Insurance Plan .

University of Houston faculty and staff members are welcomed at the Health Center General Medicine Clinic for urgent and non-urgent medical needs. The Health Center Pharmacy is able to fill prescriptions from faculty/staff members' current physicians.

For most efficient use of your time, call 713-743-5156 to make an appointment to be seen by a physician in the General Medicine Clinic. Same-day visits are available if there is an urgent concern. In those cases, the triage nurse will review your symptoms and refer you for urgent or same-day care or offer a scheduled appointment in the near future.

The Health Center is financed by Student Service Fees and by fees for specific services. A fee is charged for professional services, medications, laboratory procedures, and injections. Our prices are very competitive.

If you have a problem or question, please stop by the Health Center. Safeguarding your health is of primary importance to us. Good luck in your academic pursuits and always remember that we are here for a healthier you.