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Greater Texas Foundation Scholars Program

The University of Houston is a recipient of the Greater Texas Foundation Scholars program where scholarships are made available to qualified early college high school students entering UH beginning fall 2012. With our existing and very successful advising and student support programs, these services will also be enhanced specifically for the purpose of supporting ECHS students. By formalizing these ECHS relationships, UH continues to impact the degree completion rate not only of participating ECHS students but its entire student body.

Early college high schools in the greater Houston area will benefit from the strong partnership that exists between the community colleges and the University of Houston. Although students across the state will have an opportunity to attend UH under the auspices of the GTF program, a primary focus will be on providing increased access/support to students in Houston area Early College High Schools.

Greater Texas Foundation

The GTF Scholars program is made possible through a $605,000 grant from the Greater Texas Foundation (GTF) in an effort to support graduates of designated Early College High Schools to make the transition to the University of Houston and to complete their university degrees within two years with no debt. Early College High Schools (ECHS) offer dual-credit college courses to their students and allow them to enter a university with up to half of their degree course load completed.

The University of Houston was one of five Texas universities to receive the grant. Current schools also participating in the GTF Scholars program are The University of Texas at Brownsville, University of North Texas and Texas A&M University.