Admissions Categories

There are several categories of admission to the university's graduate programs:

Unconditional Admission

Students unconditionally admitted to the university are granted full status in a graduate program.

Conditional Admission

Conditional admissions status is sometimes granted to students who fail to meet all admissions requirements. These students will have specific requirements to meet within their first one or two semesters in the graduate program. Assuming all requirements are met, the student is awarded an unconditional admissions status.

Transfer Admission

Transfer students must meet regular admission requirements. Credit may be transferred only for advanced and graduate courses completed with a grade of A or B. The number of semester credit hours applied to the graduate degree is subject to approval of the individual department in which transfer credit is determined after enrollment. Except in the case of planned coordinated inter-institutional programs approved in advance by the Graduate and Professional Studies Council, not more than nine semester hours of transfer credit may be applied to a master's degree. The Cullen College of Engineering will not accept more than nine semester hours of transfer credit under any circumstances. With the approval of the dean of the college, a maximum of six semester hours of an earned master's degree may be applied to a second master's degree. Regulations concerning time limitations apply to transfer credit as well as to credit earned at the university. All doctoral credit is also subject to approval of the department or college.

The credit to be accepted is subject to evaluation and must be consistent with the plan approved by the student's advisor. Advanced work completed at another institution prior to the time the institution offered graduate credit will not apply as credit toward an advanced degree at the university. The student bears the final responsibility for securing the department's acceptance of transfer credit.

Transient Admission

A transient student must be in good standing at another accredited graduate institution, and may be admitted to the University of Houston as a non-degree objective student for one semester. An official statement of standing form must be completed by the student's graduate institution and returned to Admissions. This form requires a seal and verification of a prior degree from the student's registrar's office. If the prior degree cannot be verified, the student must submit an official transcript with the degree posted in addition to the statement of standing. Transient students may apply for regular admission by satisfying the appropriate requirements for the department/college. For more information concerning transient admission, students should contact their specific department.

Non-degree Seeking

The college may grant, under special circumstances, non-degree seeking (NDO) status to applicants who have earned bachelor's degrees and who are candidates for certification, such as in Education. The admission procedures are the same as those for regular student status. Applicants must submit a graduate application, transcripts, and examination scores to the appropriate office. Students given NDO status may apply to a graduate program at a later date by petitioning the college. Six semester hours from the NDO status may be applied toward a graduate degree if the credits are no more than five years old at the time of graduation and the courses are applicable to that degree. For more information concerning NDO status, students should contact their specific college.

Post Baccalaureate Status

A post baccalaureate student has earned one or more baccalaureate or higher degrees at a regionally accredited institution. An applicant seeking this classification rather than the graduate status must apply to the Office of Admissions.

International Students (Non-U.S. Citizens)

Any student who is on a nonimmigrant visa is classified as an international student by the university. Nonimmigrant international students must carry medical and hospitalization insurance. Visas issued for the purpose of study do not normally carry employment privileges. New students on nonimmigrant visas are required to enroll for an orientation program, which takes place at the beginning of the semester. Holders of nonimmigrant visas (F-1 or J-1) must enroll in a full course load each semester. Full-time status is defined by the college of the student's major.
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