Before You Apply

Attending graduate school is one of the most important decisions you can ever make and one in which can bring many rewards.  Once you have made the decision to apply for graduate school you want to find the program and university that best suits your needs and goals.  The University of Houston has advisors that can help you in deciding which program is best for you, but looking at information on each college's respective website, as well as, information contained in the graduate catalog will answer many of your questions. 

Below is a step by step list of things prospective students should when deciding to apply for graduate school.

  1. Visit the Prospective Students section of the Graduate and Professional Studies website for information on things such as student life, college rankings, etc., to help in deciding if The University of Houston is right for you.
  2. Visit your prospective college's webpage for information on course requirements, faculty information, application deadlines, etc.
  3. You can determine the cost of attending the University of Houston by viewing the Tuition, Fees and Other Cost Section. 
  4. If you have additional questions, contact your department's advisor or coordinator by e-mail or phone to ask questions or learn about opportunities to visit UH or set up a meeting.
  5. Visit the How to Apply Section for information on starting the application process.