1. All students who meet eligibility requirements and hold (or will hold) a graduate assistantship (TA, TF, IA, RA, GA), at any level of FTE (i.e. work hours, no more than 20) assignment, must report to their academic departments immediately upon obtaining an offer. Timeliness of reporting your graduate assistantship is essential. Deadlines for consideration for the non-resident waiver and Graduate Tuition Fellowships are strictly enforced.
  2. Students must complete the Graduate Assistantship Employment Agreement form and file with the academic department prior to the beginning of each semester of employment.
  3. Academic departments are responsible for approving all employment, even if the student seeks employment outside of the academic department.
  4. Academic colleges complete final authorization and maintain record and report eligible students to Student Financial Services for out-of-state employment waivers.

Some colleges may require additional steps and deadlines. Please refer to your academic department for more information.

Who to contact in your academic department:

Students who drop classes or otherwise fail to maintain the minimum registration requirements, or who do not meet all of the criteria for eligibility throughout the duration of the semester will have their non-resident waivers revoked retroactively and will be billed for Full tuition. Students may be liable for termination of employment and repayment of stipends.