Information on Electronic Dissertations and Thesis Submission


Steps in the submission of Electronic



Prepare to Submit:

Note: Be sure all corrections are made to the document and that your signature page is completed.


Step 1: Convert your document to a PDF

  • Do not convert your signature page to a PDF. It should not be uploaded to the ETD site.
  • For assistance with this step, please review the video available for your use at:

Step 2: Upload your PDF to the Vireo system:

Step 3: Wait for confirmation from your faculty chair and college coordinator that your document has been accepted

Step 4:  If your college uses UMI/ProQuest, submit your document at If you are unsure about using ProQuest contact your college coordinator.

Step 5:  Complete the Survey or Earned Doctorates (SED)

  • You may complete the hard-copy form given to you by the dissertation/thesis coordinator in your college, or
  • Complete the electronic form by visiting the SED website at:

Step 6: Request a bound copy of your document

  • Your college coordinator can help you with this step

To view your published electronic thesis or dissertation, please visit the University of Houston Institutional Repository (UHIR), hosted by UH Libraries.  From the UHIR home page, select "Elecronic Theses and Dissertations" under "Communities in Repository."  Please note that your thesis or dissertation will only be published after any embargo has expired.