Graduate Degrees: Cullen College of Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy



All students must have a master's degree in the major field, or have completed 30 semester hours of a graduate program in the appropriate field and possess demonstrated ability to pursue further graduate work.


Departments require 21-24 hours of approved study beyond the master's degree, 12 hours of dissertation, 18-27 hours of research for a total of 51-57 hours. Consult departments for specific requirements. It is possible for qualified students to bypass the Master of Science degree en route to the doctorate. Students should consult the specific department for details. Students are required to successfully complete a qualifying examination. Original research work, leading to publishable contributions, must be carried out under the direction of a faculty member. Upon completion of such work, the candidate must defend the written dissertation in a final oral examination. Each student must complete a minimum of one academic year of residence (2 long semesters) in continuous full-time enrollment. Students wishing to major in chemical engineering should consult the Department of Chemical Engineering for specific requirements.

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